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Small Business Accounting

Comprehensive Small Business Accounting in Quad Cities & Chicagoland

Davenport business accounting solutionsPillar Business Solutions, Inc. offers dedicated small business accounting to help you understand your operating costs, revenues, dividends, and more. We have a team of professional and highly experienced accountants ready to help you make smart financial decisions while following compliance requirements.

We provide Davenport and Quad Cities, as well as Schaumburg and the Chicagoland area, with expert small business accounting services. We offer cloud accounting, and we can schedule virtual meetings via Zoom or over the phone. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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Why Choose Pillar Business Solutions, Inc. to Handle Your Accounting?

Accounting involves far more than generating reports or entering data. You want the information to help you maximize your success and profitability. Our experts will evaluate your needs during our initial conversation and recommend the most suitable solutions. Benefits of our Davenport accounting services include:

Access to Expert Advice: Our experienced team understands all accounting matters relating to small businesses. From daily business operations to managing complex accounting roles, we've got you covered.

Meet IRS Compliance Requirements: Our professional accountants will help you comply with IRS requirements and guide you on any new tax changes.

Gain Valuable Time: Finance management is critical to business success, but it takes a lot of time and resources. Our accountants take on these roles for you and help you focus on your core businesses.

Accurate Filing: Our team can help your business identify deductions and credits to reduce the taxes due while increasing refunds.

Improve Productivity: We provide you with essential reporting. Monthly financial statements and quarterly reports help you protect your assets and achieve sustainable growth long term.

Secure Cloud Accounting Services: Get real-time updates, easier collaboration, and less paperwork. You'll have better financial reporting available on the go and stored on our secure cloud server.

Personalized Services for Small Businesses

business solutions in DavenportWhat sets Pillar Business Solutions, Inc. apart is our attention and dedication to your business. We customize an accounting package for your business so that you are not billed by the hour.

Suppose you need payroll tax and business tax preparation. We can build a package for you that covers all the core services you need, allowing you to leverage our accounting services to continue making smart business decisions all year long. Our interactive, customer-focused approach also means that we are here for you and ready to make updates to your package at any time to ensure you meet your goals.

Opportune Income & Financial Statements

We can prepare income and financial statements to ensure you have current data on your business's health, thus allowing you to make timely business decisions. Typically, we provide this service alongside transaction processing or bookkeeping services, and the financial statements can be delivered monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Comprehensive Bill Payment Services

As one of our comprehensive accounting services components, we also offer convenient bill payment services so that you can focus on your core business. Our bill payment service includes:

  • Keeping a list of all business payables
  • Collating all bills coming from our clients and their service providers
  • Paying bills and storing data electronically for easy reporting and access
  • Generating regular client reports
  • Disputing unwarranted charges

Accurate Payroll Services

Our payroll services help your company by computing each employee's salary and withholdings. We collect employee timesheets and wage data to help you calculate gross wages, deductions, and withholdings. We process payroll monthly or biweekly as directed by the client, either through direct deposits or checks. As part of our reliable payroll services, we can also help with bill payment.

Reliable Account Reconciliation

Davenport account reconciliation servicesBank account reconciliation service is where we verify your company's financial transactions and records to detect and reconcile any discrepancies. We verify your financial statements' correctness and reliability and help you understand how your business is performing.

Since bank account reconciliation requires an excellent eye for detail and painstaking effort, it's advisable to outsource this service to an experienced company. By partnering with a reputable firm like Pillar Business Solutions, Inc., you benefit from an error-free and highly reliable bank account reconciliation service that covers:

  • Reconciliation of bank and credit card statements with your financial records
  • Closing journal entries including everything from beginning to end
  • Reconciliation of all transactions, open checks, and open deposits
  • Monthly or quarterly bank account reconciliation reports

Trusted Quad Cities & Chicagoland Accounting Services for Your Business

Pillar Business Solutions, Inc. will help you set up a compliant, customized accounting system for your small business. We will review, reconcile, and reorganize all your financials into a meaningful reporting format to provide you a clear picture of your business. We are honest, trustworthy, reliable, and here to make your work easier while building long-lasting relationships.

If you operate a business in Davenport, Schaumburg, Moline, Bettendorf, Rock Island, or the Chicagoland area, let us help you manage all your small business accounting needs so that you can focus on growing your business. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

Call Us: (563) 293-8390 Book a Consultation

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